Yasuhisa HARA
Kingdom Author

We don’t know much about the author of Kingdom, Yasuhisa HARA (泰久原) at the moment. But, after some research on the Internet.

Here is a brief summary of what we have found. Born in 1975, June the 09th , at the village of Kiyama in Miyaki district, in Saga Prefecture in Japan, he became known directly in January 2016 with his series Kingdom. He is a 42 years old now.

Unlike people who generally think Kingdom was successful from the beginning, it was not all rosy for Yasuhisa HARA. The public has not been receptive to different author’s drawings in is early 5 first volumes (about 50-60 chapters) and was not far from the cancellation. Great perfectionnist and very attentive to his fans, he makes the decision to consulte different mangaka in order to improve his drawing.

If you are aware, you will note very quickly a big improvement in his style which amaze us more and more page after page. He is pursueing with all his good will his manga for 11 years now. The only alert, while those years is a heart condition while drawing the Alliance Arc. But since, nothing to be worry about. He seems to be in very good health.

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