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No, it is not. However, registering on the website allows you to have access to many features that you can not use when logged in as a guest. For example by being registered you can: post comments, participate in the forum.

If you notice a problem on the site, the easiest way is to contact us via the contact form or the shoutbox. We respond to everyone as soon as we are available. So do not hesitate.

If you want to help improve the site, to bring you also content, you can discuss it on the forum, the shoutbox or contact us via the contact form.

We are all hearing. Send us an explanatory message, complete, with a link to your website and we will reply as soon as possible!

Usually it is between Saturday and Tuesday. When it came out on the site.


To join us, nothing is simpler. Simply sign up for the site and post on the forum in the appropriate section. You can also chat with us via the shoutbox if you have any questions before you start or use the contact form if we aren’t in the neighborhood. Also, you can join the Turnip Farmers team without contacting us ! They translate Kingdom in english. We share.

Elles ne sont pas nombreuses mais pour qu’un chapitre soit fait correctement, elles prennent du temps. Vous avez la traduction qui consiste justement à traduire en français le manga. Viens ensuite le clean qui est essentiel pour que vous ayez de jolies pages. Le correcteur s’attarde longuement sur la traduction pour trouver toutes les fautes et les contres-sens. Puis viens l’éditeur qui place le texte dans les bulles. On peut aussi parler du Q-Check qui est une relecture global du chapitre avant de le mettre en ligne pour vérifier qu’il n’y a pas d’erreurs.

Obviously. The site is no longer oriented 100% towards the translations. You can find here various and varied news on Kingdom. A Wiki that grows day by day. A site that evolves constantly. If you want to integrate the site, contact us and show us what wood you heat! We recruit only beasts, so don’t do in lace.

Well, nothing simpler. If at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month you still have a few euros you can donate to us. The money will be used to pay the waiters, improve the site and pay a beer once in a while as you have to relax.

We have created a new page for this, it is here you will find all useful links to the official websites. Don’t hesitate to complete our information with your own research!

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