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Kingdom is a manga published in Weekly Young Jump Magazine from the publisher Shûeisha since 2006. The author, Yasuhisa HARA, tells us his own way historical facts from Antic China. Between military strategy, political games, high class fights, various characters with different personnalities, this manga has convinced much account of readers and will please you. The more you will immerse yourself in the story, the more passionnate you will be.
"A great adventure based on historical facts !"

It is in 2013 Yasuhisa HARA won the 17th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. It is given to the best mangaka of the year in Japan. And it is not all. Kingdom is for years in manga which are most sold, between 6 to 7 millions tankôbons. The manga is revealed to have a solid basis in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mid-2017 sales
With 3,244,618 sales it goes well
2013 Tezuka Award
He was rewarded in 2013 by winning the prestigious Tezuka Prize
Best Sales 2016 Seinen
Top sellers all Seinen
Sales records
At each of its sales Kingdom builds the record of the previous volume
Best selling 2016 in Japan
With 6,595,968 copies sold it became a reference in Japan
World record
With the 26th volume of Kingdom redesigned by 1000 fans and celebrities
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